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3esi-Enersight is the leading global
provider of integrated strategy,
planning, and execution solutions for upstream oil & gas companies. The company’s solutions help optimize operational planning processes and
drive better capital decisions.

Calgary, Canada

4tell is a leading provider of solutions to
optimize the performance of real estate
portfolios and infrastructure assets.
The company’s solutions enhance
visibility across large portfolios and optimize capital investment strategies
that align with business objectives.

Portland, ME

Astute Solutions is a leading provider
of customer engagement solutions
to consumer-focused companies.
The company’s product suite allows
engagement with customers across
multiple channels to build brand loyalty,
gain market feedback, and drive revenue.

Columbus, OH

AudienceView is a leading provider of
ticketing, e-commerce, and CRM
solutions for the live events and
entertainment industry. The company’s
platform allows customers to drive
on-going fan engagement and
maximize the lifetime value of patrons.

Toronto, Canada

Gimmal is a leading provider of
enterprise content management software
to Microsoft software suite users. The
company’s solutions apply information
governance and records management
policies to comply with business
objectives and regulatory requirements.

Houston, Texas

Personify is a leading provider of
software solutions for member-focused
organizations. The company’s
solutions help organizations
manage member interactions
to maximize engagement
and drive revenue.

Austin, TX