Rubicon Technology Partners Logo


RUBICON technology partners is a team-oriented partnership built upon our shared history and values.  We are guided by the following principles:  

Passion for Technology
Our principals have spent their entire careers focused on technology, and believe in the industry’s unmatched growth, resiliency and dynamism.
Integrity & Honesty
Our principals hold themselves to the highest professional standards, and understand the importance of being considered a trusted partner in the broader technology community.
Direct & Candid
We place a premium on candid and thoughtful interactions, and we promise to provide our portfolio companies and partners with quick, straightforward feedback and advice.
Creative & Entrepreneurial
We will use creativity to find opportunities missed by others. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and have committed a significant portion of our personal net worth to ensure that RUBICON is a success.
Team Oriented
Our firm's success is dependent on our collective judgments and experiences.
Humble & Accountable
Our capital and reputation are always on the line; we will learn from both our successes and mistakes.
As our name reflects, we are deeply committed to our investors, partners, and portfolio investments.
We will utilize our talents and resources not only to achieve our goals as a team, but also to serve as generous contributors within our community.
Life is too short not to like what you do and with whom you work.