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RUBICON invests in lower middle-market enterprise software companies.

Our goal is to help talented management teams build better businesses. The firm is comprised of successful technology industry professionals with both operational and investment backgrounds, enabling RUBICON to provide unique insights and solutions to enterprise software companies. RUBICON has significant experience in executing high impact growth strategies including organic growth (sales expansion, new market investments and technology transformations) and inorganic growth (add-on acquisitions and industry consolidations). RUBICON maintains a small portfolio of investments led by Partner driven investment teams with the bandwidth to work closely with management teams.

Our Tailored Approach

We believe that every company is unique and therefore requires a tailored approach for creating value. Utilizing a toolkit of best-in-class processes, which we refer to as RTP Change Management, RUBICON works with management to develop a specific plan that will drive the business to its full potential. This process is completed prior to making an investment and with full transparency, ensuring alignment with management teams.


We are focused on lower middle-market enterprise software investments with revenues between $25 million and $150 million. We target control equity investments of $30-$75 million. We utilize simple equity structures to create alignment and capitalize businesses to provide them with the flexibility to reach their full potential, only applying financial leverage where appropriate. We will utilize a variety of transaction types including, but not limited to: buyouts and recapitalizations of closely held private companies, corporate divestitures, carve-outs or spin-outs, buy and build opportunities, and shareholder liquidity events.